How to List the Perfect Paperback Wisden.


Paperback Wisdens run from 1864 to 1937, here are the tip to listing a good one.

Take the perfect pictures:

1) Covers - Front & Rear , Covers will have odd small mark which is normal but also take pictures of any large marks or wear to the covers.

2) Spine - Probably the most important, one picture of the spine and another of any cracks or splits or heavy markings. Over writing of letters is also handy to zoom in on.

3) Top view - These Wisdens can bow in the spine, a top view shows if they have this defect or not.

4) Inside of covers/Hinges - The inside of the cover shows off any internal writing like birthday wishes , also shows if the hinges are weak or split. Look out for weakness in the hinges, it is not always after the cover.

5) Photoplate - All these books (not 1916 & 1917) have photos within them, if you cant find them look in the contents for 5 cricketers of the year and that is usually where it is. There is the odd exception. Before WW1 there was some tissue paper, if foxed (spotted) take a picture. Or note if it is not there.

6) Bookmark - 1933-1939 - There should be a little replica bat inside, if not there is usually just some string. Always worth a picture.

7) Page Block - the area at the opposite end of the spine , this can be speckled or marked, worth a picture if anything ugly can be seen.

8) General pages - Take a couple of inside shots, any dog eared pages, and noticeable marks or stains and any ex owners bookplates.

After taking the pictures, download them to a PC and use Microsoft Picture Manager (right click on the picture and select open with then Microsoft Office Picture Manager) to crop them to size.

Dont forget to save them. Store them in a place on the PC you can locate or a USB stick for uploading.

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